12When undertaking the stripping and re French polishing of various items of furniture/wood, we are able to complete this work in situ i.e. in your home/office or on site, this enables us to keep the costs down and is something that is recommended in order for the french polishers to obtain the correct colour and finish in its surrounding environment. It also gives peace of mind to clients who can then see the step by step process of bringing their furniture back to its original former glory; we have also been informed that many clients find this a fascinating process to watch. All our polishers carry new plastic and dust sheets in order to make sure all surrounding flooring/furniture items are protected for your peace of mind.

In the home page video clip from a school, you can see the whole floor area has been protected prior to commencing any work. Two of our longest serving polishers can be seen hand sanding these tables following them having been chemically stripped prior to this process. The polisher in the forefront of the clip has been working with Tracy’s polishers for over 40 years. The tables and benches were finished using a two pack lacquer.

If an item needed a hard sanding we would use a festal random orbital sander, this would eliminate any dust as this is collected within the dust extraction system making it perfect to use in all locations.

In the pictures of the painted staircase and doors, all the surrounding areas were completely protected prior to the process of hand stripping the wood, this was completed using traditional paint stripper and wire wool, the following processes were then applied as follows: to neutralise, bleach clean with oxalic acid, lightly sand by hand and 3 coats of a traditional bees wax was then applied giving the staircase and doors a beautiful smooth natural finish. The treads were applied with an Osmo oil to give a tough durable finish.

The front door pictures can be seen as before and after, the process involved in these doors were to chemically strip back to the bare wood, using stripper and wire wool, they were lightly sanded and 4 coats of a high quality boat yacht varnish was applied giving it the up most protection for repelling water.