05These are examples of some of the floors we have undertaken: in the home page video clip you can see one of our men from our flooring department, sanding a 1930s pine board bedroom floor in a private residential home, using the latest 98% dust free machine. Once sanding has been completed the floor is now clean and level ready for a stain to be applied, as can be seen in the clip, the stain being applied is a light water fast stain dye which penetrates into the wood. We believe that using a water stain is the best option as when a clear lacquer/oil or varnish is applied over the top, this protects the colour and the wood. Should any damage or wear occur the colour would remain intact and extra coats of lacquer/oil or varnish could then be applied.

You can also see our flooring operative applying the finish coat of a very hard wearing polyurethane water based satin Bona lacquer. This is being applied with a roller as opposed to a brush as this gives a much more even finish and gives the correct coverage for protection, where as a brush applied application tends to apply less lacquer.

Our policy is to always recommend applying 3 to 4 coats of lacquer on each floor. Once the floor has been completed a cleaning and maintenance programme can be shown and sent to you (upon request) to help you maintain your beautiful new floor.

04We are able to carry out repairs to your damaged boards and/or replace missing parquet blocks prior to any sanding work commencing. We also lay new floors which can be matched to your existing floors, perhaps where one has been hidden under carpet and you would like it matched and brought back to its forma glory.

We are available to work at weekends and evenings in order to fit in with any busy schedule if required. Please note: anti-bacterial lacquer is available if requested.